Sustainable development

Sustainable development at Tilman

Tilman is working daily to reduce its impact on the environment and is trying to contribute to the well-being of others. An extensive sustainable development plan is in operation at the company.

  • An "energy" part focuses on reducing consumption and researching clean energies, both on- and off-site. In particular we plan to install photovoltaic panels that will collect the sun's renewable energy and turn it into electricity. We are also focusing on our mobility policy, both with regard to choice of fuels and in the very way we organise our transportation.
  • A second part focuses on waste: sorting it and reducing the quantity of it.
  • And let's not forget water, so precious to life. Tilman is planning to recover and use rainwater, particularly in the toilets and for cleaning.

Alongside environmental aspects, well-being is also important.

  • Consumer well-being is vital. Tilman's business relies on continuous research into this through the nature of its products and the quality of its preparations.
  • Staff well-being is also of prime importance to us. The sustainable development plan includes different measures working towards this, in particular setting up discussion groups.
  • And also, because poor health sometimes prevents any economic development, Tilman supports Action Damien. Helping and caring for people with leprosy and tuberculosis enables them to start working again and, therefore, improve their living standard. This money earned by working enables them to send their children to school; in other words, to offer their children a future.

Of course, this plan is intended to evolve, and Tilman will continue working on it. But the main thing is to focus on tomorrow!